Monday, March 29, 2010

Upcoming Classes

Birdhouse and Flowers on Bucket 4/13/10 Oxford Hobby Lobby

Garden Mailbox Oxford Hobby Lobby 4/27/10
Gadsden Hobby Lobby 4/29/10

Flower bed (poison oak bed) with trellis not a good thing!

Peacock Paint Classes

Oxford 3/23/10 and Gadsden 3/25/10 we had a great time...but too many eyes!!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Class Samples

Ferns and Leaves Class Hobby Lobby Oxford 3/30/10 and Gadsden 4/1/10
Peacock Class Hobby Lobby
Oxford 3/23/10
Gadsden 3/25/10

Gadsden Hobby Lobby 3/18/10

The ladies worked hard on their trays and did a great job!

Piedmont Baptist Paint Class 3/16/10

We had a lot of laughs painting these berries n' flowers picture frames........

Oxford Hobby Lobby Scroll Tray Class 3-16-10

We all had a great time painting!!!!!

Gadsden Hobby Lobby Pansy Tray Class 3/11/10

We had a lot of fun painting!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Magnolia Clay Class 3/9/10 Oxford Hobby Lobby

All the ladies did a great job today and we had a lot of fun!
A couple of the ladies slipped out before I got their picture I'm not naming names but their initials are Nancy and Sandra!!!! LOL

Class Samples

We did the Clay Magnolia today (I'm a little behind on my updates) and we will be painting the Pansy Tray at Hobby Lobby Gadsden Thursday 3-11-10 and we will be doing the Scroll Tray Tuesday 3/16/10 Hobby Lobby Oxford and Thursday 3/18/10 Hobby Lobby Gadsden

Water Strokes Classes 3/2/10 and 3/4/10

We all had a blast painting these Water Strokes projects!