Monday, May 19, 2014

May 16, 2014 Home Decor Chalk Painted - picture frames w/Plaid Chalkboard Paint

Joyce love the colors and the stencil!

Fran - so cute!

Nancy painted this for her grandson -added his name with hounds tooth

Judy this was a gold frame and painted it Imperial and Red highlights.

April 23-25, 2014 Large Canvas Painting Class with Donna Dewberry - Monterey, TN

Robin's (almost finished)

And Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint


Connie (our Hostess)


ME and Donna 

My car was a little full thought I was going have to leave Robin!!!  LOL!
Great time with great ladies....

Flowers at my house......

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Prom Pictures April 19, 2014

Hunter and Kendall

Pictures taken at beautiful Grace Episcopal Church

Kendall and her Grandmother Evelyn

Kendall and Uncle Billy Ray

Wellborn High School Prom

Prom held at Buckner Event Center

April 4 & 18, 2014 Fabric Class Hobby Lobby

Nancy did this shirt for her granddaughter 

Joyce did bandannas for grand kids.

Judy was working on napkins for her table

Nancy also did napkins in this class

Fran and Rietta

Cheryl and Rietta - cute little apron for granddaughter

Fran looking good....

Judy finishing more napkins for her table 

Close up of Nancy's shirt
These all look great!  Had such fun with the Deco-Art So Soft Paints.

March 21, 2014

Malissa and her daughter Ashley

didn't get pictures of the other ladies but, they all did a great job and we always have fun!